2017 World Tour Soccer Picks/Results/Standings
Week # Dates Tournament Name Tournament Winner Picks Results Standings
1 14 January - 05 February Africa Cup of Nations and  Rockford Raptors T1 Picks T1 Results T1 Standings
17-28 January Copa Centroamericana
2 14-Feb - 15-Mar UEFA Champions League Rockford Raptors T2 Picks T2 Results T2 Standings
3 04-12 March Premier League Games St Louis FC T3 Picks T3 Results T3 Standings
4 23-28 March World Cup Prelims Spartak Moscow T4 Picks T4 Results T4 Standings
5 April-May MLS Regular Season Rockford Raptors T5 Picks T5 Results T5 Standings
6 05-13 June Official or Friendly Matches Montreal Impact T6 Picks T6 Results T6 Standings
7 17 June - 02 July FIFA Confederations Cup  St Louis FC T7 Picks T7 Results T7 Standings
8 19-Jul - 23-Jul MLS Regular Season Rockford Raptors T8 Picks T8 Results T8 Standings
9 29-Aug - 5 Sept World Cup Qualifiers Montreal Impact T9 Picks T9 Results T9 Standings
10 9-Sept - 23 Sept Premier League Games Memphis City FC T10 Picks T10 Results T10 Standings
World Cup Semi-Finals      
11 02-10 October Official or Friendly Matches Rockford & St Louis T11 Picks T11 Results N/A
World Cup Finals & 3rd Place Game      
12 06-14 November Official or Friendly Matches Rockford T12 Picks T12 Results N/A