World Tour Soccer Rules
1. Players select a League Soccer team name (not a national team).  
2. Games will be based on International Tournaments or Groups of International Friendly games.
3. For each tournament, players selects a winner for every game.
4. Games are given point values of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 points for correctly selecting the winner. For ties, you earn 1/2 the game value.
5. Players are ranked by amount of points they score in the tournament, with the player with the most  points winning the tournament.
6. The tiebreaker is wins in 5pt games, then 4pt games, then 3pt games, then 2pt games, then 1pt games, then FIFA ranking.
7. Points earned through winning games in a tournament go towards your FIFA ranking points.
8. Tournament winner gets 5 bonus ranking points, 2nd gets 2 bonus rank points and 3rd gets 1 bonus rank point.
9. Picks due by 11:59pm night before tournament begins, unless otherwise stated.
10. There are 9 regular season tournaments.
11. World Cup (Playoffs) will be Weeks 10, 11 & 12 ("International Friendlies" for teams not making the playoffs).
12. 6 teams with the highest FIFA rankings advance (ties broken by Tournaments won, 2nds, 3rds).
13. Playoffs Week 1 - 3 vs. 6 (3 gets 1 extra point), 4 vs. 5 (4 gets 1 extra point).
14. Playoff Week 2 - 1 vs. lowest remaining seed (1 gets 2 extra points), 2 vs. other remaining team (2 gets 1 extra point).
15. In the Championship and 3rd Place Games - Higher seed get 1 extra point.
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Last updated 11/7/2022