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This Week's Deadlines
Victory Lane Racing Monster Energy Cup
Saturday 2/25 by 11:59pm ET

Full Court Association
Monday 2/27 by 9pm ET

19th Hole
Wednesday 3/1 by 11:59pm ET

In The Groove Racing League
Thursday 3/2 by 11:59pm ET

World Tour Soccer
Friday 3/3 by 11:59pm ET
2016 Stats

NCAA Basketball: League best 27-3 regular season record, dominated tournament
play with a 22-6 record, SEASON CHAMPION.
NHL: 9-5 regular season record, eliminated in second round of playoffs.
MLB: 10-8 regular season record, eliminated in the quarterfinal round of the
PGA Tour: Made the playoffs, finished seventh overall (6 top 5, 8 top 10 finishes).
Soccer: Second best 185 regular season points with two tournament wins. Finished
in second place overall in the World Tour Soccer Championships.
Racing: Statistically speaking, his worst sport of the season. Competed in all four
racing games, scoring 0 wins. Finished 18th overall in In The Groove Racing League.
NCAA Football: Finished 6-4 overall, 3-3 in conference. Won the Emerald Bowl.
NFL: Finished regular season with league best and new Sunday Gridiron Challenge
record 12-1 record. Defeated in second round of the playoffs.
2016 Fantasy Sport Site Challenge Champion
Congratulations to Jay Smogolski, the
2016 Fantasy Sport Site Challenge
Champion! Jay's 2016 calendar year
saw a Championship in the NCAA
Basketball Game "Hardcourt Hoops
University" and playoff appearances in
every "ball and stick" sport run at FSS!

Jay scored 746 Challenge points in
2016, beatingKevin Sullivan (726) for
the Championship.
January Player of the Month
Jay Smogolski
The 2016 Challenge Champion Jay Smogolski starts
his 2017 calendar year with a strong month, and
ultimately the overall January Player of the Month

Jay competed in all four of the sports that held
competitions in January, and he won this award
thanks to by far the best month of anyone in those

Cross-Check Hockey League: 3-0, moved to the top of
the Smythe Division.

Hardcourt Hoops University: 10-2 record during
January, holds the best record in the league overall.

Full Court Association: 3-1 record during January.

World Tour Soccer: Won the first tournament of the
2017 season, leads the overall standings.
Congratulations to Jay
the January 2017
Fantasy Sport Site
player of the month!